The Healthy Wealthy and Wise® Coaching Program

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Are You Someone Who:

  • Desires to make a difference in the world
  • Constantly wants to develop yourself personally and professionally
  • Longs to create a life of freedom and abundance for yourself and for your loved ones
  • Aspires to find a purpose and opportunity that combines all of your existing skills and experiences
  • Intends to expand those skills and experiences to benefit yourself, your family and your world

The Healthy Wealthy and Wise® Coaching Program is what you've been waiting for! 

The Healthy Wealthy and Wise® Coaching Program is a business opportunity that provides both the support, resources, and value to build a thriving and lucrative business. It's a program that nourishes your thirst for lifelong learning and provides an opportunity for personal and professional development that will change your life!  

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Connect with Abe Brown a member of the Healthy Wealthy and Wise® Coaching Program. 

Abe Brown, MBA, is the Coach’s Coach, and is the Founder of Momentum Coaching. He is also the President and Chair of the Certified Coaches Federation. Momentum Coaching is the Canadian expert in leadership and executive coaching, and Abe Brown also trains entrepreneurs and businesses globally. Abe has personally trained and certified over 2,500 Life and Executive Coaches and is an International Best-Selling Author. Abe has started and run several multi-million-dollar businesses and he has extensive experience in both the for-profit and non-profit worlds. Abe does Leadership and High-Performance Coaching, working with executives, business people and leaders to fulfill their dreams, achieve their next-level breakthroughs, and make a sustainable impact on the world around them. With a deep passion for the most vulnerable, Abe has also held CEO and executive-level roles in high-profile non-profits that support homeless children, families, and marginalized populations. Abe is the Canadian President of the Healthy Wealthy and Wise Corporation and has experienced personal and professional transformation through this innovative and empowering coaching program and has also supported many clients in the Healthy Wealthy and Wise Coaching Program. Work with Abe expecting to receive your next-level breakthrough today!

"Abe was a referral to me as one of my very first speakers at a lady’s leadership luncheon I host. I felt the instant heart connection and since then I have worked with Abe for the past year 4 years. I feel privileged to have him as a coach and now I consider him part of my family. He has brought peace and order into my life and as a result of his efforts, many doors have opened for me and my career has skyrocketed to the next level. Most importantly, I am able to deliver even more value to my clients and distributors, and that has brought more money into my bank account. I am also blessed with Abe's ongoing humor, wisdom, and acceptance - he is the greatest at building and maintaining genuine relationships. If you have a desire for more and to level up, no matter how big your dream, or company, is I highly recommend working with Abe!"

Rina Chong, Canadian Master Distributor, iGalen. Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker.

What I appreciate about Abe Brown as a coach, is his ability to assist in vision identification, and then facilitate building up and using personal/team strengths to achieve the vision. This approach is encouraging and refreshing, and in my experience enhances capacity to effectively move forward.”

Jack Toth, Founder/CEO, Impact Society  

If you’re looking for someone that’s passionate about coaching, speaking, and self-improvement, Abe is without question, your guy. As a trainer for CCF, his passion and enthusiasm and desire to help others is contagious. Abe uses his personal journey, as well as an incredible sense of humour in all areas of teaching and speaking.”

Annette Park, Entrepreneur and Coach

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