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  • Desires to make a difference in the world
  • Constantly wants to develop yourself personally and professionally
  • Longs to create a life of freedom and abundance for yourself and for your loved ones
  • Aspires to find a purpose and opportunity that combines all of your existing skills and experiences
  • Intends to expand those skills and experiences to benefit yourself, your family and your world
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The Healthy Wealthy and Wise® Coaching Program is what you've been waiting for! 

The Healthy Wealthy and Wise® Coaching Program is a business opportunity that provides both the support, resources, and value to build a thriving and lucrative business. It's a program that nourishes your thirst for lifelong learning and provides an opportunity for personal and professional development that will change your life!  

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Connect with Adale Boudreau a member of the Healthy Wealthy and Wise® Coaching Program. 

Adale is a successful entrepreneur, health and wellness coach, International Matchmaker, and Certified Life Coach, Through tenacity, hard work, and determination she's created a life of abundance after being terminated from a 15-year career. Learning and growing from personal experience on how to get out of her own way along with tools she has learned from The Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Coaching Program, Adale has gone on to help many others create their best life. She can't wait to help you on your own journey to living Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!  

Since beginning my work with Adale, she has been an exemplary professional coach. She exhibits a unique sense of interest in my life and her insights and direction are always on target. I feel very supported and championed in the attainment of my goals. She has been a vital resource to me and I look forward to our continuing relationship. She helped guide me to surround myself with people and tasks that were good for me and for my goals while eliminating the energy involved in tasks and relationships that were not. Although my focus was on past relationships and relationship with my son, I found that looking at how I think and what I believe, and setting goals and formulating steps to achieve these, with the guidance and encouragement of Adale, has brought me a degree of success and happiness, which I hardly believed would be possible at the beginning of my journey. It has changed my outlook on life and possibilities, and given me the insight and skills to continue the journey forward on all fronts. I highly recommend Adale to anyone, whatever age or stage in life that you are at

Scott Pawson  

 I can’t begin to express how my life has changed in just 2 ½ months. Adale worked with me to turn my thinking around from dwelling on the past and those negative experiences to focusing on the positive, the present and future. Adale helped me realize I couldn’t change the past and that it did not define who I was or where I could take my life.Her counseling has taught me that I alone am in control of my thoughts and I do control my thoughts and my life. For the first time in my life, I love who I am and no longer feel lonely or unhappy. I look forward to waking up every day and embracing all that life will offer, both good and contrast, for I, now understand these are learning points for my future growth. Thank you Adale for everything, for I could not have done it without your guidance!"

Trudy Kirkbride- Purkhart

I came to Adale with curiosity on what life coaching had to offer me different from general counselling. I was determined to figure out what was holding me back. Am I ever glad I did! Through her expertise and listening skills, Adale was quickly able to help me see myself and my future in a much clearer way! She was able to provide me with powerful suggestions and weekly homework as well as book suggestions that were really key into overcoming the standstill feeling I was experiencing. In just a short time, I've made more personal growth with Adale than I have in years! She was definitely pivotal in helping me live my best life ever! And for that I am grateful! Thank you Adale! Xo"

 Natalie Richer

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